Thank you for your interest in SVS Pricing Tables PRO plugin. We hope this plugin will ease the way the pricing tables are created.

You do not need any programming knowledge to be able to use this plugin. It has a visual builder and by dragging and dropping elements you will create your pricing table.

Also you can preview the changes in realtime and get a better idea of how you pricing table will look like.

This tutorial is here to help you better understand how to use our plugin. We have included several animated GIFs to be easier to explain the plugin functionalities.

For any questions & suggestions you can reach us at:


Thank you,

SVS WebSoft Team

Installation is very simple and straight forward.

Normal Installation:

  • Go to WP-ADMIN  > Plugins > Add New > Upload.
  • Browse and choose the file provided.
  • Upload and activate it.
  • Finally find the plugin in the menu SVS Pricing Tables Pro.

FTP Installation:

  • Unzip the content of . It should create a folder named svs_pricing_tables_pro.
  • Upload the folder to /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation directory.
  • Now visit WP ADMIN > Plugins > Installed Plugins .
  • You should see SVS Pricing Tables PRO plugin.
  • Activate it and you’re done.


  • WordPress version: 3.8+
  • PHP version: 5+
  • MySQL version: 5+

We shall release updates and patches if anything is found not working.

The process of creating a pricing table is pretty straight forward. A wizard divided in 2 steps will help you create the pricing table:

– in the first step you will choose your design

– in the second step you will use the builder to create your pricing plans


For now let’s start creating new pricing table by following these simple steps:

1. Find the “Pricing Tables PRO” in the menu bar

2. Click the “New Pricing Table” button, as shown in the image below

The first step in creating a pricing table is to choose a design. At this right moment we have 15 designs available.

In order to choose a design:

1. Click on the preferred design

2. Click the “Next” bottom at the bottom-right corner of the page (see image below)

You can come back to this step at any time and try new skins for your pricing plans.

After we have chosen the design it is time to build our pricing plans.

On the top we have the available options, that are draggable by the cross.

Below we have our workarea. When creating a new plan the workarea has 1 predefined column. Using the builder options above the workarea, drag by the cross and drop them inside a pricing plan column as shown below:

One great feature is inline editing. You just click on any text and a text input will appear. After you edit the text press the “OK” button. The same is available for the Yes/No icons. 

When adding a new column it will copy your first one.  In order for you to be easier we recommend to fully build the first column before adding a new one.

When you hover a column or a row the icons will appear and you can take actions on selected element.

For a column you can:

  • mark it as “best plan”,
  • change settings (color), this option is available for several designs only,
  • delete (except the first column)
  • move a column left or right
  • duplicate column

For a row you can:

  • change elements order by dragging elements by the cross
  • delete row
  • change the link for the button

We have implemented a easy to embed system using shortcodes. Just copy and paste the shortcode associated to a pricing table and it will display automatically on a page or post.